Bulldog Environmental Services is an internationally known full service environmental services company that specializes in HAZMAT Emergency Response, Demolition, Phytoremediation, and Bio-Remediation. There is no incident too small or too big that our experienced teams cannot handle.  Our fully trained teams pride themselves on the job they do and will always go that extra step to provide our clients with a top notch service keeping safety our top priority.  At Bulldog all employees are both 24 hour and 40 hour HAZWOPER trained, have current HAZMAT Physicals, Fit Tested, Confined Space Entry/Rescue Trained and many other professional certifications.

Our clients know they can depend on us for cost saving bio-remediation/phytoremediation projects. Going the bio-remediation/phytoremediation route eliminates costly disposal, transportation, and equipment fees.

When an environmental incident occurs; safety, response time, cost effectiveness, and a speedy clean-up are what our clients deserve and what we strive to offer. Bulldog is able to adhere to these high standards because it maintains a variety of resources to handle any and every incident, so that time stays on our side.

When it comes to Worldwide HAZMAT Emergencies Bulldog can have boots on the ground within 96 hours of the call, ANYWHERE ON EARTH!

Client Testimonials

"Bulldog Environmental has saved our company millions of dollars in disposal fees with their expertise in bio-remediaton techniques!"  -Ted Yelley, Environmental Coordinator, DCP Midstream

10% Discount

All new clients will receive a 10% discount on all invoices in their first year as a client for Bulldog Environmental Services.

In The News

Bulldog Environmental is a proud sponsor of the following youth athletics:

Anton Youth League - Offering Football, Basketball, and Baseball for the youth of Anton, Texas

Lubbock Texans - Youth Football League in Lubbock, Texas

Jet Fuel Spill - Colorado City Airport


What is Bio-Remediaton?

Bioremediation is defined as use of biological processes to degrade, break down, transform, and/or essentially remove contaminants or impairments of quality from soil and water. Bioremediation is a natural process which relies on bacteria, fungi, and plants to alter contaminants as these organisms carry out their normal life functions. Metabolic processes of these organisms are capable of using chemical contaminants as an energy source, rendering the contaminants harmless or less toxic products in most cases.                  

What is Phytoremediaton?

Phytoremediation is a cost-effective plant-based approach of remediation that takes advantage of the ability of plants to concentrate elements and compounds from the environment and to metabolize various molecules in their tissues. It refers to the natural ability of certain plants called hyperacumulators to bioaccumulate, degrade, or render harmless contaminants in soils, water, or air. Toxic heavy metals and organic pollutants are the major targets for phytoremediation. Knowledge of the physiological and molecular mechanisms of phytoremediation began to emerge in recent years together with biological and engineering strategies designed to optimize and improve phytoremediation. In addition, several field trials confirmed the feasibility of using plants for environmental cleanup


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Bio-Remediaton Services

Want to stop giving your money to landfills?  Want to lower your clean-up cost?  With oiLimiinator microbial solution you can.  Let us help you save money on your next remediation project.  Give the Bio-Remediation Specialist a Call Today!

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BOSS Organic Fertilizer

Does your vegetation look sick?  Give them a new start on life with BOSS Organic Fertilizer!  100% organic and will bring your plants back to life within 7-Days! 

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